Concrete Pavers

Concrete Pavers Raleigh

Raleigh Concrete pavers are a very popular choice for patios. They are less expensive than flagstone and come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Many homeowners even use a combination of flagstone and concrete pavers in their patios and walkways.


Concrete pavers are versatile. They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors so that the homeowner or designer can be very creative and install different patterns, borders and designs.

Here are some examples of concrete paver patios Natural Designs has created in Raleigh and surrounding areas.

Strength and Durability

A properly installed concrete patio should last as long as the house does. It can be a very durable and permanent solution.


For installation, we excavate the area of all loose soil and dig it to the proper depth. Gravel is installed and compacted several times. Then a 1” bed of concrete sand is applied and carefully screed to a flat surface. Concrete Pavers are then laid on the sand bed. After they are installed, the surface is again tamped with a plate compactor. This creates a durable and long lasting patio.


When choosing stone one should consider the color to ensure it best complements the desired aesthetic of the patio. The strength and durability should also be considered. Some stone may look beautiful but if it is soft or brittle it may not hold up over time and is not a good choice. The surface of the stone is important. One must consider how easy it is to walk on the stone. If the stone is muddled with bumps and dips it would not be a good choice.

Stone patios and walkways can be installed dry laid or wet laid. Dry laid patios are set in a compacted bed of gravel and sand. This style tends to be more rustic. Wet laid patios are considered more permanent structure and require more work.

Raleigh Concrete pavers are a very popular choice for patio material in Raleigh and the surrounding areas. There are many shape, colors and textures to choose from. Pavers are the more economical choice between the two.

Things to consider when choosing stone or pavers.

Cost. In our experience, most people prefer stone. Natural stone has been around for millions of years so one can be confident it will hold up to the elements, maintain its original color and look beautiful. However, the material cost of stone is more than pavers and the labor is more time consuming to install. In general stone costs more than pavers.
Versatility. Pavers are more versatile. Because of the different shapes and sizes an installer can get very creative and install different patterns, create borders or various shapes like circles with in the patio.