Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls Raleigh

Natural Designs offers a number of Retaining Wall Services in Raleigh including, stone wall construction, segmental wall unit construction and timber wall construction.

Raleigh Retaining walls are useful in creating a level area where a slope existed. It is very important to build retaining walls correctly and follow proper guidelines. Wet soil behind a wall can generate tremendous pressure. If not constructed properly, it is only a matter of time before a wall will fail.

Today, the most common retaining wall material are segmental wall units. Made from high strength concrete, they are set on a compacted gravel base and drystacked. With proper geo-grid soil reinforcement and drainage these walls can be built 50’ tall or more.

Various colors, sizes and textures are available ranging from a commercial look to Raleigh retaining walls that mimic the appearance of a stone wall.

Natural Designs also builds masonry walls, which are constructed on concrete footing and concrete blocks. These have stone mortared to the surface, giving a high end appearance. Various styles, sizes and textures of stonework can be applied to this style of wall.

For the budget conscious consumer, timber retaining walls are a great option. Built out of pressure treated timbers, these offer a nice appearance, functionality and budget friendly cost.