Stone and Masonry

Stone & Masonry Company Raleigh

No matter what type of flagstone you choose in Raleigh and the surrounding areas, flagstone will have the beautiful, natural look of stone. Flagstone is flat sedimentary rock and is primarily used for patios and walkways.

Flagstone is typically sandstone but can also be limestone or bluestone, and it comes in a variety of colors from earthy browns to cool grays and blues. The stone is quarried from many companies around the country and each area has a unique color, texture and strength. Moss, grass or ground cover can be planted in between the stones of flagstone patios.

Strength and Durability

Flagstone is made of stone, so it should last forever. That said, there are differences in durability between the different types of flagstone and specific qualities to look for. Remember this when searching for a good stone and masonry company in Raleigh.

A durable piece of flagstone will be at least 1 – 1.5 inches thick and will not be flaky. It should be relatively free of pockmarks, grit, large pores, and pockets where water could pool. Be sure to check the surface of the stone. It should be flat and easy to walk on. Watch for bumps and dips that will make placing furniture difficult.


Stone patios and walkways can be dry laid or wet laid.

Dry laid patios are set in a compacted bed of gravel and sand. This style tends to be more rustic.

Wet laid patios are more permanent and require more work.

For wet laid patios our company excavates the patio area and remove all loose soil. Then a concrete slab or base is poured. Flagstone is then set on a bed of mortar that bonds the stone to the concrete. Care is taken to provide proper drainage as we lay the stone. Each stone is cut or chiseled to fit nicely with the other stones. This is a very labor-intensive process and requires years of experience.

Here are some examples of dry laid and wet laid patios.


Your method of installation will affect the cost and durability. As mentioned above, wet laid patios are a more expensive and permanent solution. In addition, depending on the type of flagstone you select, it can cost anywhere from $15 to $30 per square foot.