How an outdoor living area can add value to your home

Having a patio means you’re your living space transcends the walls of your home. Creating a well built, fully functional outdoor living space in your home will not only cultivate a great atmosphere to entertain friends, it will also make your home more appealing to potential buyers. An outdoor living space provides a tranquil space to relax and unwind with friends while preparing dinner and still enjoying the weather. The outdoor kitchen provides a creative, easy way for busy families to spend time with children and friends.

Studies show that patios are one of the top 10 features potential buyers look for in a house and more than half are willing to pay a premium for the additional space. The outdoor area also offers added square footage to your home while setting your home apart from others. Energy efficiency is an added bonus of an outdoor kitchen, avoiding turning the oven on will keep the home cooler in warm summer months.

With careful planning, spaces can be designed for enjoyment through all four seasons. There are countless design and sizing options for outdoor living areas including patio and decking, water designs, organic gardens, and outdoor kitchens. The space can also be an extension of your living area and include a covered area with a television and comfortable seating.

The outdoor living concept has become one of the biggest, recent trends in home improvement. The additional living space will translate as modern and stylish while adding selling power to your home. Outdoor living spaces have never been so popular. And for good reason-research shows that being outside makes people happy-leading to greater energy and heightened awareness. Remodeling to add a Raleigh outdoor living space is a great way to add space, functionality and value to a home.